Organisation of the SFB

The organisation of the SFB is described Rules of Procedure. It has a lean structure that has proven to be sufficient and efficient.
In brief, the Organs of the SFB are:
1) The Speaker (G. Rupprechter) and Deputy Speaker (U. Diebold)
2) The Board (Speaker, Deputy Speaker, and Chairman of the Member Assembly J. Redinger)
3) The Member Assembly (all Project Part Leaders + USTEM Coordinator)
4) The General Assembly (all SFB Members, SFB Researchers, and SFB Students).


The Board works closely together and is supported by the SFB Secretary. The Board coordinates SFB meetings (Annual Meetings and PhD Workshop), SFB seminars, guest scientists, and overlooks budget and strategic planning. The Board sets the Agenda for the Member Assembly (PIs and Young Researchers), during which decisions are taken based on the votes of all PIs. Scientific planning is typically performed and/or presented at the General Assembly, which includes all SFB participants. The SFB secretary deals with all administrative (workshops, seminars, documentation, seminars, invitations, travel reimbursement, communication with FWF and universities) and financial matters (budget, orders materials and equipment etc) of the SFB.